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Refund Policy

Owners may cancel their advertising subscription at any time. All payments made prior to the cancellation are non-refundable and there will be no refunds made for such payments, even on a pro rata basis. Instead, Owners right to use the services for which they have already paid will continue until the subscription period expires.

RentHolidayRental reserves the right to terminate owners advertising subscription at any time for any reason, refunding a prorated amount of subscription back to owners. The proration will be based on the portion of the subscription that remains unexpired as of the date of termination. Owners may terminate their advertising subscription at any time, but will only receive a refund if they terminate their advertising subscription within seven calendar days of its start date. Owners shall not receive any refund if they terminate their advertising subscription more than seven calendar days after the start date.

Where RentHolidayRentals cannot deliver or decides not to deliver its Service to owners, our liability will be limited to providing owners with a refund of the service that we failed to provide you with as a result of our own fault, on a pro rata basis. Where our inability to provide owners with our Service, or owners inability to use our Service, is as a result of a fault on owners part, we shall not be liable for any refunds.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in the event that our Service is not provided to owners because their software, hardware, network, or other component of their computer system is incompatible with our Service, or because they voluntarily or involuntarily lose the rights to or ability to rent the relevant Property, owners agree that it shall not be considered a fault on the part of RentHolidayRentals, and that owner shall not be entitled to any refund.